This will be my final post here at PlayJazz. Fortunately, it's not because I'm giving up jazz to move to The Falkland Islands to become a sheep farmer, instead it's because I have a brand new website which will host all my bloggy-type scribblings from now on. Check it out over at

This blog will remain here for archive purposes, not least because I don't know how to transport all the content across without days of copying and pasting, but all new posts will feature on the new site. If you're a subscriber here and you'd like to continue to receive new posts, please sign up via the box in the sidebar of the new blog.

As well as the blog, also contains all the details about my teaching and coaching work as well as details and sounds from my new band called White Canvas which has been in rehearsal and will be starting to play live throughout the UK in 2013. We've already got a great gig supporting Robert Mitchell and Kit Downes at the Liverpool International Jazz Festival and I'm sure it's going to be a good year.

With a new band and a new website to deal with, you can see why things have been a little quiet here at the blog recently, but now things are up and running with the new site, you'll see a return to the steady stream of musings, encouragements, rants, comments, whimsy and postulation that all started here at PlayJazz.

I hope you'll join me there...